3 Simple Ways to Improve a Suit

Hopefully, you have already discovered the value of a well-fitted suit. You simply cannot look your best in a generic, untailored suit off the shelf from the store. That’s basic. But what if you are interested in taking your suit to the next level? In today’s post, we’ll look at three ways to upgrade your look in any suit. Are you ready to level up your style game this year? Here we go.

  1. Pocket Squares – These fell out of style for awhile. Thankfully, they are now back and are a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your peers. Use conservative colors for work, and go for a splash of color for after-hours.
  2. Ties – Many men forgo ties and that’s a shame. There is no easier way to add different energies to your suit than well-picked ties. Ties are a great way to express your individual tastes. Stay away from novelty ties and focus on colors and designs that share your unique taste.
  3. Cuff Links – By taking care of the details that most men overlook, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Impress dates by demonstrating that you have thought about each part of your outfit. Women spend a lot of time getting ready to look their best for you and will appreciate seeing that you have put in a little effort as well. Cufflinks, subtle but there, are a powerful way to signal you are a man of good taste. Here’s a great first choice if you don’t own any yet.

Some of my readers are pressed for time or worry about selecting the right accessories for suits. For you, I recommend this wonderful box set from our friends at The Tie Bar. It comes with ties, pocket squares, dress socks, a lapel pin, and a tie bar. Fashionable, affordable, and best of all – simple. I recommend the green and navy style box, but they have other colors as well, so grab the one that best expresses your unique tastes!

To your daily growth!


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