How to Experience Rapid Personal Growth

If you are on this site, you obviously care a great deal about self-improvement. In today’s post, we are going to look at how you can supercharge your personal growth and see results even faster. If you want to improve your life this year, there are two vital truths you simple must understand. Let’s look at how each has the power to transform your lie and help you begin to live the life of your dreams.

Important Truth #1: Your Peers Determine Your Destiny

You are underestimating how powerfully you are influenced by the people you spend time with. They shape you attitudes and opinions, they help to set your beliefs and expectations about yourself, and play a huge role in what opportunities you do and don’t receive. Who do you spend the most time with? Are they living the life you aspire to? If not, it’s time to reevaluate who share your most valuable resource with – your time.

Important Truth #2: Your Media Diet Also Determines Your Destiny

It is not just the people you personally know who are shaping your life. It is all the people who speak to you, whether through books, magazines, new articles, TV programs, blogs, and even YouTube comments. Whoever you read and listen to will gradually adjust your beliefs and self-expectations. Just as you need to carefully select the people you spend time with, you need to consider the sources of information and entertainment that you consume. Your information diet has the power to either help or hinder your self-improvement goals.

How to Experience Rapid Personal Growth – Step 1: Awareness

The first step is to become aware of the people and sources of information you spend the most time with. For one week, I want you to write down every person you spend time with and every media source and information source you consume. Yes, I know this will be an extremely tedious and annoying step, but it is absolutely critical that you gain an awareness of exactly who you meet and what you read and watch. Just like a dieter must first count calories to figure out how much he or she has been eating, you need to figure out exactly what influences you currently have.

How to Experience Rapid Personal Growth – Step 2: Evaluation

Now that you have figured out exactly who and what your influences are, you need to ruthlessly evaluate them. You may love this individual, but do they bring you up or tear you down? Do they model habits and behaviors you aspire to, or do they encourage the bad habits you are trying to break? Be honest. You won’t be sharing this information with anyone, so truly evaluate whether they are helping or hurting your future.

How to Experience Rapid Personal Growth – Step 3: Redesign

After determining and evaluating your influences, the next step is to design a better mix. Ideally, who should you see less of? Who should you see more of? What sources of information or personal relationships are you totally missing yet vitally need? Design an ideal schedule of what your days and weeks should look like.

How to Experience Rapid Personal Growth – Step 4: Make the Change

Do you need a career mentor? Start searching for one. Do you need more professional educational information? Sign up for an online class or start watching some documentaries. Take charge of your life and consciously choose people and media which support your goals. I guarantee if you do, you will experience a dramatic improvement in your life.

To your daily growth!


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