How to Never Run out of Something Again

We’ve all been there. You just finished a tube of toothpaste, so you reach into your medicine cabinet for a new bottle only to realize you don’t have anymore. Or God forbid you have a guest over at your house and then you find out you’ve run out of toilet paper. Maybe it’s finals week and you are studying like a demon. Around 3 am you go to the fridge to grab a Red Bull, but you’re all out.

Running out of the things you need around your home is annoying, can be embarrassing, and if you are an entrepreneur, can be costly. So today I’m going to introduce a simple way to not run out of something at home. Never again. Really.

It’s 2016, and although we don’t quite have flying hover-boards yet, and though the Chicago Cubs still yearn to be World Series champions, has created a pretty futuristic service. It’s the Dash Button. Basically, you get a Dash Button for a specific product. It looks like this.


You attach to a convenient spot in your home. For example, the Starbucks DoubleShot Dash Button can go on your refrigerator door. The Tide Dash Button can go on your washing machine, like this.


It’s crazy easy to use. You set it up. When you are running low, you just press the button, and your product is instantly ordered. It won’t make multiple orders at once unless you give it permission to do so, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ordering more product that you need. You can keep tabs on orders through the Amazon App.

I love tools like this because they help to automate life. That saves time and headaches, and it’s just fun to do. You feel like you are living in the future. While you wait for flying cars and the rest of the gadgetry we were promised in Back to the Future, get Dash Buttons for your favorite products.


To your daily growth!


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