5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Figure

No matter your height, no matter your weight, there are a few simple hacks that you can do to improve your over figure in just a week or two. Don’t get me wrong; healthiness, good fitness, and attractiveness are traits you need to work on over the long run if you want to achieve great results. But let’s be honest – you and I both love quick, noticeable improvements. In fact, those early victories can serve as massive motivators for the hard, long-term work needed to maximize our health.

So, if you have ever wondered what you can do to quickly improve your figure, here’s a short yet powerful list for you. Try them today and I guarantee in two weeks, you feel a sense of real progress and significant accomplishment.

  1. Smile. Seriously. People will perceive you as more attractive. You’ll also feel better. Win/Win.
  2. Drink water. It makes your skin brighter and clearer. It also amps up your energy, which makes you seem more exciting and attractive. Again, Win/Win.
  3. Wear clothes that fit. Go to your closet. Find some items that don’t fit well and are from the same clothing category. Dump them. Then go to the store and get fitted for 1 item that actually fits. Not good at discerning fit? Bribe a friend who is and take them with you. I’m not even joking. The correct fit makes anyone and any body type look better. You may need the clothes altered. You may need to go straight to a tailor. I remember the first time I had a shirt tailored. Amazing the difference it makes.
  4. Do pull-ups. OK, there is only so much progress we can make without actually working on your body. Do pull-ups. Seriously. Pull-ups (and chin-ups) can be done right in your own home with one of these awesome pull-up bars. My friend gave me one and I’m so grateful. Hang it your bedroom door frame and do a couple pull-ups or chin-ups whenever you pass through the doorway. Especially your shoulders will see dramatic improvement in just a couple weeks. And your friends will notice it too, especially if you followed tip #3 and you are wearing a shirt that truly fits.
  5. Plank. Google planks. There are endless varieties. I plank for 5 minutes and I’m drenched in sweat. No gym, no gym fee, no expensive equipment. Your whole core can be transformed and you’ll definitely see results in a couple weeks.

It’s already Spring. Get ready for summer by hacking your figure. You are 2 weeks from a big personal upgrade if you commit to these 5 simple steps. Good luck!

To your daily growth!


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