How to Drink Enough Water Every Day

Time for some real talk. You and I probably have not drunk enough water today. Water is practically free, takes just seconds to consume, and has tons of positive effects on our bodies and brains.

So here is today’s challenge. No soft drinks whatsoever. You may have some coffee and beer, but for each cup of joe or pint of beer, you have to have an additional glass of water. Try it today. I stake my entire reputation on the fact that you will feel more energy than you normally do.

How to make sure you get enough water every day? It’s this simple. Forget trying to measure ounces and just follow this routine and you’ll be fine.

  1. Two small cups or one large cup as soon as you wake up. You’ve gotten dehydrated during the night, so this wake-up refreshment is important for your brain and skin.
  2. Drink water with each meal.
  3. No soft drinks.
  4. One glass of water for each cup of coffee or bottle of beer you consume.
  5.  A glass of water whenever you feel thirsty.
  6. A glass whenever exercising, working outdoors, or other sweat-inducing situations.
  7. One small glass before bed.

Try this for a week and marvel in your new-found energy levels and bright, clear skin. Need additional motivation? Get a great water bottle that’s stylish and easy to bring with you to work, class, or the gym. I like Embrava’s 32oz BPA Free grey water bottle. Get’s the job done and looks great.


To your daily growth!


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