Nike was Right. . . Just Do It – Why “What You Do” is The Only Thing That Matters


Today’s post is intentionally brief. 2016 is almost half finished. Time flies. You don’t need to read anything more. You don’t need to think anymore. You don’t need to plan anymore.

You Need to Take Action

The best way to learn anything is to dive in and do it. Want to start a blog? Start it. Then as problems come up, you can read and think about how to solve those. But just start it. Want to get into shape? Stopping reading about diets and programs and exercise techniques. Sign up for a 5K. Then head outside and run.

You Already Know What you Need to Do

There’s that thing. That itch. That idea you’ve had for awhile. You know what it is. Go do it. As Jeff Bezos says, your regrets will come from the things you didn’t start. Don’t be afraid of failing. Be afraid of never starting.

So whatever it is you want to do, damn all excuses and go do it. Drop down to the comment section and share with all of us what you are going to do. and then take Nike’s advice and “Just do it.”

Good luck!


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2 thoughts on “Nike was Right. . . Just Do It – Why “What You Do” is The Only Thing That Matters”

  1. Left a good job to become a child care provider for families in my close neighborhood. I give the best care to tiny babies whose moms have to leave them for a variety of reasons. The pay is not very good, the benefits only personally gratifying, the gratitude from and relief of the parents is immeasurable.


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