It’s Time to Choose

The Moment You Decide That, No Matter What, Nothing Will Stop you From Your Goal...Is the Moment You've Already Won..png

We’ve had some really exciting posts lately on Improve My Life This Year. We’ve covered topics such as 3 Tips on How to Write BetterHow to Get Fit without a GymHow to Get Whiter Teeth EasilyConfidence Tips: Advice from Snails, Books, and Benedict Cumberbatch on How to Be More Confident, and one of my favorites – Why You Should Already Be Blogging & How to Start Your Blog.

We are in the process of constructing an entire curriculum of self-improvement which will contain one self-improvement step for each day of the year. You can see that work-in-progress here.

But you know what? The biggest challenge we have in 2016 is not lack of information – it is lack of dedication. You can read tons and tons of articles here on Improve My Life This Year and at other great blogs. But if you don’t determine within yourself to change, you never will.

You don’t need to read more. You need to do more. You don’t need more knowledge. You need more tenacity.

Take the first step today. Write in the comment section what goal you are dedicating yourself to. Don’t think it, hope it, want it any longer. Do it.

Search one article on this site and commit to putting it into practice today.


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