You, CEO – Introduction

black-and-white-1282290_960_720Hi readers!

Welcome to an incredibly important new series here at Improve My Life This Year. For the next week, we will cover 7 ways to overhaul your life by thinking like a CEO.

I graduated with an MBA in 2009, and the things I learned in those classes have had many amazing spillover benefits into the rest of my life.

When you think about it, you are not so different than a company. You have income. You have expenses. You have limited time. You have competitors. Goals. People who expect things from you.

The thing is, a company has a CEO who helps manage the whole company and keep it on track. Who do you have? You have you, of course! Whether you realize it or not, you are the CEO of your own life. How has your performance been so far?

If you are serious about improving your life this year, consider taking your role as CEO more seriously.

For the next week, I’ll be your management consultant and I’ll give you simple, practical advice to help you reboot your company (you!) and set it on a path of long-term success.

Along the way, you’ll learn how fundamental business concepts that major companies follow every day such as Pareto’s Law, ROI, Monitoring, A/B Testing, Data Mining, Benchmarking, and Branding can be applied to your life for fantastic results. Are you ready?


Welcome to You, CEO.

Our first meeting is tomorrow. See you soon!


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P.S. If you want to get started on some homework before the first lesson begins, sign up for the free version of Grammarly. Grammarly is a real-time grammar editor that will keep your writing error-free, warn you about plagiarism, and help you improve your writing. After all, a CEO can’t be a sloppy communicator. Try Grammarly today and I’ll see you in the boardroom tomorrow!

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