Stop Outsourcing Confidence

chess-1464959_960_720One simple hack to improve your life is this: stop outsourcing your confidence. What do I mean?

Usually, our confidence comes from outcomes. Get a good test score – you’ll think you are a good student. Girl says yes when you ask her out on date – you’ll think you are a cool guy. Land a promotion, win a match of arm-wrestling, finally make that perfect omelette – and for a moment, you feel you are the greatest.

The problem is, outcome-based confidence is fleeting. You don’t get an “A” on every assignment. You go through fights and breakups in relationships, you’ll screw up at work some days and you’ll sometimes lose at things you wanted to win so much.

What happens then?

If you are outsourcing your confidence, those moments will crush you. They’ll lower your sense of self-worth. And if you hit a rough patch with a sting of bad results, you’ll suddenly find yourself facing a crisis of self-confidence.

What’s the alternative?

Internal-based confidence. How does it work? You take back control of your confidence by placing it processes rather than results.

The beauty of this system is that you have full control over it. Instead of looking at the grade on the test which can be influenced by things outside of your control, focus on your study process. Did you study enough? Did you use good study methods? Did you pay attention in class? If you followed a great process, then have confidence that you are a good student and that in spite of this one bad result, you will be achieving success in the long run.

You see, processes are always under your control. You can’t control whether you win the game, but you can control whether you practiced, worked out in the gym, ate well, prioritized rest, etc.

You may succeed today; you may not. Don’t place your self-worth in hands of today’s results.

You will succeed in the long-run if you build and follow good processes in your life. Check out our self-improvement curriculum for some great processes to start building today.


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