The Quickest, Easiest Self Improvement Tip

Self-improvement takes time. You have to read self-help books. You have to master new life skills. You have to make changes to your personality. You have to add new habits and subtract old ones. Lots of work. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

But just because a great self-improvement plan takes a year or more doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy quick, simple improvements. Sometimes we just want to feel a quick win, an easy victory, an effortless improvement in our life. So here’s the fastest, easiest self-improvement tip I know. All you need is 3 seconds and, well, nothing else. Let’s see how it works.

How to Sound Smarter

I’m guessing if you are anything like me, often, in a conversation, you sometimes stumble your way through and then only later think of the absolute perfect think you should have said. I hate that. It’s as the universe is playing with me, taunting me. Jamie, here’s a great line to say, only, I’ll only let you think of it now when no-one is around to hear how clever you really are. Damn. If only I could sound smarter right in the middle of conversations. If only I could do it without expending a single additional drop of effort. Actually, you can. How? We’ll see in a moment.

How to Sound More Confident

The only thing I hate worse than not saying something really clever is saying something really stupid. I have this bad habit where I’ll screw up mid-sentence and say a Spoonerism. What is a Spoonerism? It’s a verbal mistake (or possibly a brilliant chance for humor) where you switch the sounds in words. Here’s an example. I want to say, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” but somehow say “Goldybear and the Three Locks.” This usually happens when I’m too excited, racing to get my words into a conversation. But here’s the thing. Does James Bond ever muck up what he’s trying to say? Better yet, does he ever even seem to hurry to say what he wants? No, right? There’s a direct link between sounding confident and talking slower than the average person.

The Easiest Self-Improvement Tip Ever

So let’s finally reveal the simplest self-improvement hack that you can start using right this moment. It’s the 3-second pause. Whenever someone asks you a challenging question, whenever someone calls you out on something and demands a response, whenever someone asks your opinion, whenever someone teases or mocks you – basically whenever you find yourself on the spot in a conversation – say nothing for 3 seconds. You can do that, right? See, we tend to get nervous at those moments and race to say something. But once you start racing, your clever thoughts and creative ideas are suppressed. You’ll come up with a cool answer, but it won’t be now, it’ll be later because you didn’t give yourself even a moment to think. You won’t sound cool and confident, because unlike James Bond, you’ll be scampering to say as much as you can as quickly as you can, and let’s face it, that just makes you sound nervous and needy.

So from here on out, when you are on the spot in a conversation, pause and say nothing for a count of 3. The first time you do it, you’ll feel really awkward, but trust me, it will command respect from your conversation partners. Then, once you do begin to speak, speak slower than you normally do. You’ll find that this is not only easier, it’ll also help you speak more clearly, more accurately and more confidently.

Usually in life, improving takes a lot of work and a lot of time. But occasionally, there are things you can do that are simple, fast, and make a big impact. This is one of those things.

Try this advice and let me know how it works out for you in the comment section below. Also, please subscribe and share this on facebook or twitter if you have friends who can benefit from this advice.


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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Figure

No matter your height, no matter your weight, there are a few simple hacks that you can do to improve your over figure in just a week or two. Don’t get me wrong; healthiness, good fitness, and attractiveness are traits you need to work on over the long run if you want to achieve great results. But let’s be honest – you and I both love quick, noticeable improvements. In fact, those early victories can serve as massive motivators for the hard, long-term work needed to maximize our health.

So, if you have ever wondered what you can do to quickly improve your figure, here’s a short yet powerful list for you. Try them today and I guarantee in two weeks, you feel a sense of real progress and significant accomplishment.

  1. Smile. Seriously. People will perceive you as more attractive. You’ll also feel better. Win/Win.
  2. Drink water. It makes your skin brighter and clearer. It also amps up your energy, which makes you seem more exciting and attractive. Again, Win/Win.
  3. Wear clothes that fit. Go to your closet. Find some items that don’t fit well and are from the same clothing category. Dump them. Then go to the store and get fitted for 1 item that actually fits. Not good at discerning fit? Bribe a friend who is and take them with you. I’m not even joking. The correct fit makes anyone and any body type look better. You may need the clothes altered. You may need to go straight to a tailor. I remember the first time I had a shirt tailored. Amazing the difference it makes.
  4. Do pull-ups. OK, there is only so much progress we can make without actually working on your body. Do pull-ups. Seriously. Pull-ups (and chin-ups) can be done right in your own home with one of these awesome pull-up bars. My friend gave me one and I’m so grateful. Hang it your bedroom door frame and do a couple pull-ups or chin-ups whenever you pass through the doorway. Especially your shoulders will see dramatic improvement in just a couple weeks. And your friends will notice it too, especially if you followed tip #3 and you are wearing a shirt that truly fits.
  5. Plank. Google planks. There are endless varieties. I plank for 5 minutes and I’m drenched in sweat. No gym, no gym fee, no expensive equipment. Your whole core can be transformed and you’ll definitely see results in a couple weeks.

It’s already Spring. Get ready for summer by hacking your figure. You are 2 weeks from a big personal upgrade if you commit to these 5 simple steps. Good luck!

To your daily growth!


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Words Matter: How to Talk about Yourself

News broke today that for a limited time, Budweiser will be branding itself “America.” You can read the story here. Before you laugh, many marketing experts have already called it a shrewd move that’ll help drive sales this summer. Ironically, though Budweiser is draping itself in patriotism, it’s actually owned by a non-American company. That won’t stop many consumers from grabbing a Bud, or should I say, grabbing an America to drink with friends at a barbecue this weekend.

What impressed me about this story is this: simply changing a few words on the packaging will change consumer behavior. That fact brings us to today’s simple, powerful self-improvement hack…

Words are Powerful

The words you say have power. I don’t mean this in some sort of metaphysical way. When you choose to describe an object with a particular word, you affect how you and others see that object. A simple example. I can call some one a freedom fighter, a terrorist, an anti-government rebel, or whatnot. Each word carries with it a different image, different associations, and a different set of beliefs in the mind of both the speaker and the listener. Therefore…

Consider How You Talk about Yourself

How do you describe yourself? What words do you choose? You need to follow Budweiser’s example. Budweiser isn’t inherently a patriotic product. In fact, you could easily argue that they are not patriotic at all considering they are not even an American product. But look at what they have done. They choose the packaging, the images, and most importantly the words that indicate patriotism. And if someone grabs a can, lifts it up, and feels pride in America, then maybe Budweiser is patriotic after all. And that brings us to a life rule.

Describe Yourself as You Wish to Be, Not as You Currently Are

Stop waiting! Budweiser becomes patriotic by claiming it. Are you a successful person? No? Maybe that’s why you aren’t. Because you don’t claim that word as yours. So you don’t believe you are; others around don’t believe it either. From today, tell yourself, “I am successful. Say it until you believe it. Then say it to the world. I’m not asking you to be an insufferable arrogant narcissist. Don’t walk up to people saying, “Hi I’m Jamie. I’m super successful.” But if someone asks you about what you do, be proud of your accomplishments. Speak confidently about what you have done. Believe yourself to be a success at whatever level you are at now. And the same goes for all other attributes you wish to be. Do you want to be smarter? Tell yourself you are an intelligent man; then confidently go out and do as an intelligent man would do.

See, if you are always talking negatively about yourself to yourself and to others, then you will find that you will easily fall into behaviors that are in line with your words. You’ll also notice others tending to treat you as if your self-criticisms are in fact true. On the other hand, if you describe yourself in terms of who you wish to be, you’ll naturally find yourself falling into those behaviors as well.

So here’s your homework. In the comment section below, write down just 3 words or phrases you would like to be seen as. Choose them carefully, then write them down. Then, spend the rest of this week telling yourself, believing, that these words are yours.

My 3 words for this week are successful, well-read, and a thoughtful leader. I’m calling myself these things, I am believing I am these things, and the habit I’ll take toward these goals will be to read Seth Godin’s Tribes.


It’s an absolutely fantastic book on leadership, teamwork, success, influence, and business – a must-read I haven’t gotten around to yet. Share your ideas in the comments below!


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How to Shine Your Shoes the Easiest Way

Stop reading for just a moment and look down. How do your shoes look? Don’t say they look ok. They should look amazing. The truth is this – people are judging you by the shoes you wear. Don’t believe me? Ask some of your female friends and they’ll tell the same thing – your shoes matter. Well-shined shoes are the mark of a man who has his life put together. In fact, I’ll go a step further, making a point of taking good care of your shoes is a great way to start getting your life in order. Why? It is due to what I like to call spillover effects. When you start exhibiting self-discipline and attention to detail in one area of your life, you’ll start to notice ways to improve other areas of your life as well.

So today we are going to shine our shoes. First, others will be impressed when they see us, and second, the habit can be a launchpad for improvements across our life.

How do we do it well? Behold, the Kiwi Select Shoe Shine Care Kit Valet II Wooden Box. There are other shoe shine kits out there, but honestly, this one has everything you really need without the unnecessary extras that bump up the price. Here’s what you get.

  1. An elegant wooden box. This holds all your shoe shine materials and also serves as a footrest for your shoe as you shine it. Using the box to hold your shoes keeps your hands clean while shining and also allows you to apply more pressure to the shoe. That leads to a better shine.
  2. Two KIWI Select Premium Paste Tins. Again, you can go for higher end shines than Kiwi, but Kiwi gives the best bang for your buck.
  3. Two Sponge Daubers. Use these to apply the shoe shine to your shoes.
  4. Two soft and durable Shine Cloths. You will use these to work the shine into the shoes. Use some muscle here to get the most impressive results.
  5. Two KIWI Shoe Shine Brushes, 100% Horsehair. Use these after you applied and rubbed the shoe shine into the shoe thoroughly. These brushes will leave your shoes with a fantastic shine.
  6. One Shoe Horn. You’ll wind up with ugly damage to the backs of your shoes if you repeatedly put them on without a shoehorn. Trust me, use it every time, and you’ll be amazed how much longer your shoes last.

Shoes are the most important element of your overall style. You can get away with a 15 dollar t-shirt; as long as the size and color fit you, you can look damn good in it. But skimp on shoes and it will seriously subtract points from your style. If you are going to spend a couple hundred dollars on shoes, don’t shorten their lifespan or damage their appearance by skipping basic maintenance. Just a quick shine periodically will keep those shoes looking great and make sure that cute girl you noticed in the coffee shop notices you too.

To your daily growth!


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How to Stock Your Bar: Getting Started Guide

After a long hard day at work, few things are as satisfying as coming home to a stylish and perfectly stocked bar for a well-earned, relaxing drink. On weekends, your guy friends will envy your set-up and women will quickly see the difference between you and the average dude with nothing more than a few Bud Ice languishing in his fridge. I would go so far as to say that a properly stocked bar is a marker of achievement. It says you’ve graduated into that select group of men who knows how to take care of himself and others, and knows how to do it with a bit a panache.

How to Set Up a Home Bar – Select Home Bar Furniture

The first step is to get the proper bar furniture. What  you select here will come down to how much space you have and what your budget can handle. I absolutely love this Traditional Cherry Finish Bar Unit w/Wine Rack Sink Drawers. 


If space or price happens to constrain you a bit, fear not. A fantastic 2nd choice is this Black Oak Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle and Glass Storage. It’s smaller and more affordable, making it perfect for younger men with smaller apartments.


How to Set Up a Home Bar – Select Essential Alcohols

Now that we have selected a great piece of furniture, we get to the fun part – choosing booze! This is one part science, one part art. There are a few essential alcohols for your home bar that you will need to have on hand. However, this is YOUR bar, so you can and should stock it with your favorites as well. Feel free to experiment and have fun building your collection. I’ll leave that to you. But what are the essentials for a home bar? Here’s my recommended list of 7 basics to start with.




Bourbon Whiskey

Rye Whiskey



You can stock all of these for under 200 dollars, or you can drop $200 a bottle easily. It really comes down to how much quality you are willing and able to pay for. The best way to go about this is to write up a list of what you want and set a specific budget. Then head down to a few local liquor stores and ask for some advice. I always manage to find someone who loves their work a lot who’ll consult me and help me find exactly what I need. Grab this book too if you want more advice on choosing specific bottles for your bar.

How to Set Up a Home Bar – Select Cool Accessories

Allright. We have the furniture. We have the alcohol. The final step is to get the right drinking accessories. I file these under 3 categories. 1) Things to Drink. 2) Things to Drink From. 3) Things to Drink By. Let’s take these one-by-one.

  1. Things to Drink – Here’s where we need to think of mixers. To the easiest way to start out is with a a great starter kit. Limited budgets should consider this cocktail variety pack from Skinny Mixes. If you have a bit more money to invest, try this set from Bittermilk.
  2. Things to Drink From – I suppose you can drink a martini from a coffee cup. You can also wear your pajamas to a job interview, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, begin building a collection of drink-ware that you can be proud of. A starter kit like this will get you going. And part of the fun of having your own home bar is adding to your collection over time.71EKQTY44eL._SL1500_
  3. Things to Drink By – This is the final step. Get some cool items to set the atmosphere of your home bar. This last step is highly personal and will come down to the specific ambiance you seek to create. Do want it to feel old-fashioned and traditional? Trendy and modern? Playful or serious? Once you choose your style goal, select individual items that will help you create it. For example, this LED Bar Display is amazing if you often entertain guests after dark.71m4G7R8SiL._SL1500_

I hope today’s post inspires you to start your very own home bar. Enjoy!


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3 Simple Ways to Improve a Suit

Hopefully, you have already discovered the value of a well-fitted suit. You simply cannot look your best in a generic, untailored suit off the shelf from the store. That’s basic. But what if you are interested in taking your suit to the next level? In today’s post, we’ll look at three ways to upgrade your look in any suit. Are you ready to level up your style game this year? Here we go.

  1. Pocket Squares – These fell out of style for awhile. Thankfully, they are now back and are a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your peers. Use conservative colors for work, and go for a splash of color for after-hours.
  2. Ties – Many men forgo ties and that’s a shame. There is no easier way to add different energies to your suit than well-picked ties. Ties are a great way to express your individual tastes. Stay away from novelty ties and focus on colors and designs that share your unique taste.
  3. Cuff Links – By taking care of the details that most men overlook, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Impress dates by demonstrating that you have thought about each part of your outfit. Women spend a lot of time getting ready to look their best for you and will appreciate seeing that you have put in a little effort as well. Cufflinks, subtle but there, are a powerful way to signal you are a man of good taste. Here’s a great first choice if you don’t own any yet.

Some of my readers are pressed for time or worry about selecting the right accessories for suits. For you, I recommend this wonderful box set from our friends at The Tie Bar. It comes with ties, pocket squares, dress socks, a lapel pin, and a tie bar. Fashionable, affordable, and best of all – simple. I recommend the green and navy style box, but they have other colors as well, so grab the one that best expresses your unique tastes!

To your daily growth!


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Calling All Self-Improvement Bloggers

Hi, I’m Jamie Moyer. I’m a pretty regular guy. Grew up in a small town in a very middle-class family. Attended a state college. Nothing fancy. However, 8 years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. I decided to prioritize my personal growth.

Many people I knew would grow a lot during their childhood, teenage years, and college – but after graduation, their progress would slow and eventually almost stop. They’d settle into a routine with work and family and that would pretty much be it. I made a vow 8 years ago to focus on personal development day after day, month after month, year after year.

In those 8 years, I earned an MBA, traveled to several countries, lived and worked abroad, started 3 businesses, taught at a university, and met many amazing people along the way. I’m still a pretty regular guy, albeit one who has had some great experiences that have taught me a lot.

Recently, I started this site, Improve My Life This Year, in order to codify the best self-improvement tips I have learned during these 8 years. I am in the process of creating a 365-day curriculum of self-improvement that will super-charge someone’s personal development.

This is where you come in. I’m not a genius. I’m not smarter than the next the guy. The only reason I consider myself an expert on self-improvement is this – I’ve been a good listener. I haven’t created radical, revolutionary ideas that will change the world. Rather, like a good museum curator, I have identified and gathered the best ideas of others to assemble this curriculum.

And this is why I need you. Do you have valuable self-improvement ideas? I’d love to hear them. I’m sure each self-improvement blogger out there has incredible advice to that both I and my readers would love to hear. During the month of June, I will be opening up my blog to ideas from other great bloggers.If you have a piece of great advice, I am giving you the opportunity to showcase it here. This site is less than 2 months old and already ranking well in the U.S. and internationally.

If you have a piece of great advice, I am giving you the opportunity to showcase it here. This site is less than 2 months old and already ranking well in the U.S. and internationally.


For context, we are already ranked around 2 millionth out of about 1 billion sites globally, and we are increasing week by week. So if you’d like to get your advice and link back to your own site out in front of my audience, please contact me at

Here are some guidelines for your submission.

  1. Your article should be around 500 words (Maximum 1000 words). This site aims to deliver advice that can be read in just a couple minutes. If your post is about a longer idea, feel free to link back to more complete advice in one of your own posts on your site.
  2. Your article should be original and you must agree not to republish it anywhere else. Reposting it on your site or elsewhere is plagiarism and risks both your site and mine being penalized by search engines like Google.
  3. Keep your posts PG. I use damn, hell, and whatnot, but please no f-word, explicit sex advice, and whatnot. I personally do not have a problem with that style of writing and you are free to link to an article on your site that includes those, but Improve My Life This Year aims to be a comfortable place for readers all age groups, religious backgrounds, etc.

If you have questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them. Once you send me a possible post for submission, I’ll respond within 24 hours to let you know if I will post it and if not. That way you will know whether or not you are free to submit it elsewhere or on your own site.

I look forward to hearing your self-improvement ideas, and I thank you in advance on behalf of my audience for your willingness to share your advice with so many people.

To our self-improvement,