Too Busy for the Gym?

If you want to improve your life this year, the first thing you need to banish is your list of excuses. Then again, sometimes our excuses are pretty legitimate.

Good example – you might be working overtime, filling your spare moments studying a foreign language or working on your side business. So you aren’t just belly-aching when you say you are too busy or tired for the gym.

I hear you, but don’t give up so easily. Oftentimes with a touch of creativity, we can explode our excuses and find a way toward our goals. Here is one of my favorite shortcuts to success.

Too busy for the gym? Too tired? Here’s the routine. Order a pull-up bar for a doorway you pace through frequently in your home. Everytime you pass, do a pull-up. Boom, that’s your workout. Too easy? Do two pull-ups. Or two pull-ups and a couple pushups.


Cost? A few bucks for a pull-up bar. Time? 30 seconds here and there throughout the day. Results? You’ll work your shoulders, upper arms, back, and core.

So how about you? Taking this same principle of finding simple hacks around common excuses, what ideas do you have? Share yours in the comment section below!



Motivation for Monday

Work until your idols become your rivals..png

The only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is the work that it will take to bridge the gap.

Get busy this week.

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– Jamie

How to Have a Great Morning: 4 Steps to the Perfect Morning Routine

A Good Morning (1)

4 Rules for a Great Morning… Every Day!


Drink Water Right After Waking Up

Your body needs water to, well, to survive. But you don’t want to just survive, you want to thrive. Check our post on how to get enough water throughout the day and watch your skin, energy, and brain power improve!


Make a Simple, Fresh, Healthy Breakfast

You don’t have to get fancy here. A homemade smoothie is so easy, so delicious, and best of all, so good for your body. Check out our post on how to make smoothies part of your morning routine.


Do Easy but Effective Body Weight Exercises Right in Your Own Home

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for you going to the gym. But if you are pressed for time or money, there is really nothing better for your morning routine than a quick run through some body weight exercises. Check out our post on how to use these effectively right in your own home for great results!


Do Something You Enjoy in the Morning

The secret to getting up easily in the morning is having something you want to get up for. Set aside a little time each morning for something you love to do. Need ideas? Here are a few!

Read something you love.

Keep a journal.

Start a blog!

Go for a run!

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How to Run your First 5K

I have a few quick questions for you. Do you want more endurance? Do you want a healthy heart and lungs? Do you want sexy calves? Do you want a medal to hang on your wall next to your other accomplishments? Of course you do. Let’s run a 5K.

Why a 5K? Well, they are pretty easy to pull off in a short time. A 5K is a great intro to the world of running. After you knock one of these out, you’ll know if you want to do this more often, or if it is not really your kind of hobby. And hell, it will be a great story! Lace up your shoes, and then check out my step-by-step guide to running your first 5K.

Step 1 – Find a Race. Just Google 5K and your hometown. Select the next upcoming race and register for it. Depending on the race, you’ll probably need to drop about 50 dollars on the registration. For the price of a night out, you are doing something great for your body.

Step 2 – Get Ready. You might get hurt if you hit the course without any prep, so do your body (and finish time) a favor a do a little prep before race day. Pre-race training may be a bit boring, but remember, we’re doing this for the endurance, healthy heart and lungs, sexy calves, and medal, so do your prep.

Step 3 – Get your Gear. Don’t be that guy on race day who looks like a damn fish out of water. Get some good shoes, prep your tunes, and seriously, get this book. It runs through everything you need to know to kill it on race day. It got me from being a running rookie to finishing a 5K in under 21 minutes.

Step 4 – Have fun. If you’ve been following the diet and training recommendations in Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon, you’ll be set on race day. So have fun and savor the experience. It’ll all be over in a few minutes, so push your hardest and get ready for your new personal record!

The next time you are hanging out with friends, you’ll have a great story to share, and best of all, you’ll have a great excuse for one more beer – you’re carb-loading for your next race!

To your daily growth!


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