The Many Colors of Wine Beyond Red and White

Note: Today’s Post comes to you from our friends at Wine Awesomeness. As part of my own self-improvement journey, I like to learn more about a wide variety of topics. I used to think wines were either red or white. Now I know that the wine world is a lot more complicated (and colorful!) than that! 

A Painters Palate of Wine Wonders

Remember the days when you served wine and asked – “Red or White”? Well those were simpler times and the choices were limited. Now there are so many colors they resemble a painter’s palate. According to the team at Wine Awesomeness, the group dedicated to creating a monthly journey, curated for adventurous souls, some of these new, off-beat beverages have fared better than others.

A Match Made in Wine Heaven

Want to coordinate a particular wine with a holiday color scheme? You’ll be in luck when St. Patrick Day rolls around, when you serve Green Portuguese born Vinho Verde.


And if you’re inclined to satisfy your guests’ patriotic pleasures, you can offer them a choice of red, white OR blue (also known as Gik) that is quite off-color in all its iridescent splendor. How it came to be is simple…young Spanish entrepreneurs who decided that the world needed an incandescent blue wine joined forces (or in this case grapes) with the Basque government’s food research bureau and experts at the University of the Basque Country. Next came a base wine, some food coloring and sugar. According to the team at Wine Awesomeness, this creation leaves a bit to be desired.


Are you yearning for yellow? Known as “Vin Jaune” in its native French, yellow wine is a unique type of white wine produced in the Jura region of France from late harvest Sauvignon grapes. Pair this nutty flavored concoction with the regional comté cheese and you’re in for a gastronomic whirlwind of contentment.


And yes, there are even grapes that produce an orange vintage (perfect for fall football parties). But if you’re still a loyal pastel pink fan, then Rosé has elevated your summers to a whole new level. Rosés are essentially baby reds, experiencing shorter maceration periods than their red counterparts. Depending on which grape varietals are used and how long skin contact is, rosés can range in color from the palest of pink to the deepest of magentas.


A Club for Wine Warriors

The Wine Awesomeness Monthly Wine Club delivers your choice of wines right to your door. The Wine Awesomeness team combs the globe to find the coolest, crave worthiest wines. This is vino you don’t see regularly, but will want to drink every day. If you JOIN TODAY, you’ll get a free bottle with your first box! Welcome to the world of wine the Wine Awesomeness way.

Grilling for Pleasure and for Profit

71QrTpwmSwL._SL1000_It’s almost Father’s Day in the US. It is also almost summer. It is that time of year when man longs to be outdoors, preferably along with fire, beer, and meat.

All Hail Grilling

Grilling is a fantastic hobby. It gets you out in the fresh air. It connects you with friends and family. It turns you into a good cook, a great conversationalist, a host, and a master of the flame.

Getting into outdoor grilling is actually very easy. There are 5 easy steps. Let’s check them out!

Step 1: Choose your Grill

First you need a grill. Start with something moderately-sized at the beginning. If you wind up loving the hobby, you can upgrade in the future. Here are some great entry-level options to consider which won’t break the bank.

Step 2: Choose your Tools

Next up you’ll want to get a few accessories to make the job easier and keep you looking cool while you grill.

I recommend this set.


Beautiful, inexpensive, and the complete package of what you’ll need to get started.

Step 3: Choose your Fuel

All grills need an energy source to generate heat. The 3 most common methods are electricity, gas, and charcoal. Depending on what you selected in Step 1, you’ll have different needs here in step 3.


My grill uses charcoal. If yours does too, consider using my favorite charcoal. It burns hotter than most and is the go-to choice for many restaurants.


Step 4: Choose your Recipe

OK, time to choose what you are going to cook. Great choices include burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. Also don’t forget to grill some veggies. You may have vegetarian guests and, let’s face it, properly grilled vegetables are downright awesome.

To find a recipe, browse some online recipes or even better, ask an older relative to share one of theirs. After all, one of the great things about grilling is it encourages bonding and the passing down of traditions and advice.

Step 5: Choose your Event

Now you are all set. Invite some people over to your place and show off your new skills. It is a great chance to reconnect with family, to bond with coworkers, to meet people in your neighborhood, and to make new friends!

Happy Grilling!


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